Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Updated Itinerary

Due to some unexpected, but very good news (to be explained in the next post), I have made a few changes to my upcoming departure dates from London (a lot later than the original mid-August departure that I had originally planned). The new itinerary now looks like this:

London: June 28 – November 1
Singapore: November 1 – November 3
Australia: November 4 – January 15
Argentina: January 15 – February 2
Chile: February 2 – February 22
Brazil: February 23 – March 22
London: March 23 – early April
Italy: Early April - mid June
London: Mid June - late June

There is also a trip to New Caledonia from Australia in the works, although that is still under production. A brief visit to Denmark will also happen on the back half of the itinerary but I’m waiting for a more concrete schedule of events to develop since I’d prefer to overlap my travels with any big events/jams going on there during the spring/summer.

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