Saturday, February 25, 2012

A visit to Duncan/TK17's classroom

On my last day with Duncan I went to visit his classroom to see where he works and get a sense of the work he's doing for the next generation of traceurs in North Carolina.  While I’d had doubts as to the “normalcy” of any class lead by him, what I saw had me wishing that I could go back to elementary school to be in his class.  Between the random things that he has set up around the room to keep occupied while the kids are working (he’s definitely not the type of teacher that sits behind the desk and lectures) and the various projects that he has the kids working on, it doesn't surprise me at all that he likes his job.

Duncan is not the kind of teacher to just sit there or read a book while his students are working.
In addition to his job as “world’s coolest teacher” Duncan has also started up a parkour club at his school that is steadily growing.  Having met some of the “graduates” of the program in my first training session at Chapel Hill, I was happy to see that not only is he teaching in accordance with the Yamakasi philosophy, he seems to have managed to avoid many of the hot-heads and adrenaline junkies that seem to be especially drawn to the sport in the US.  The video below shows some of the training sessions that Duncan runs at his school at the after-school "parkour club".

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