Friday, February 17, 2012

East Coast Mini Road-trip - UVA at Charlottesville, VA

After my time in DC came to a close I hopped on a train to Charlottesville, Virginia to visit some close friends from Davidson and also to check out the parkour scene I’d heard rumors about.  I had initially started looking for a parkour scene at the University of Virginia my senior year at Davidson when I was applying to graduate school there and had seen evidence of a UVA PK internet presence but heard of much more than that to confirm its actual existence.

UVA, like most major university campuses in the USA apparently, is a great place to train and seems ripe for further exploration.  I managed to meet up with the school approved parkour group during my visit to train with them a few times and while the group is young, the members were very welcoming and showed me around their campus.  After a brief hiatus the past year or two, the group has been resurrected by John and Momin, who seem to have both the organizational skills and the motivation to pull something like this off.  I’m looking forward to a return visit to the campus to see what they develop.

For more information on the UVA Parkour Assoc. check out their UVA website or Facebook page.

One of the many campus elements that were perfect for training.

The reason why American universities are often great for parkour, lots of railings, ramps, and open space.

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