Friday, November 25, 2011

Summer in the USA

While not going to grad school did free up a large amount of time in my summer schedule, this time was quickly filled up again working a variety of odd jobs and preparing my final presentation for the Watson Fellowship Conference, held at Carlton College in Minnesota. While I can’t say that I slaved over the resulting video for the entire duration of the month I spent at home, it did take up a substantial portion of it, mostly due to my lack of video-editing skills and the absence of a clear narrative when I started.

While at home I did manage to spend some “quality time” with my family and a few close friends, squeezing in quick visits to Newport, Charlotte, Raleigh, and New York City.

Passing on the knowledge to the rest of the family.  Photo courtesy of Evitt Wildlife Photography.

A nice relaxing day at the beach.  Photo courtesy of Evitt Wildlife Photography.
I also led my first solo parkour class/workshop on home soil to a local group in Boston.  While some members of the group were not nearly as willing or enthusiastic about the course as I was used to (they didn’t exactly participate voluntarily), it went well on a whole and was a good opportunity for me to try leading things entirely on my own.
Leading the warm-up on the railings.

Re-visiting childhood.

Group stretching session at the end.

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