Thursday, November 10, 2011

Construction of a park in Odense

In addition to all the parks and architectural projects in the Copenhagen, Streetmovement also does a number of projects around Denmark. My stay in Denmark just happened to coincide with the completion of one of these projects in the city of Odense, which I nicknamed the “Moonscape”.  Always willing to sling around some dirt and build something, I got a chance to help out on the final days of construction for the park, which was designed as a joint project between the Streetmovement guys and a high-level Danish climber named Jens Munk Clemmensen. The result was pretty cool and shows the desire by the Streetmovement guys to go beyond the "typical" parkour park that is becoming more and more popular around the world.

In the construction phase. Photo courtesy of Martin Kallesøe.

The view of the bay.  Photo courtesy of Martin Kallesøe.

Unique?  Definitely.  Pushing the limits of "parkour parks".   Photo courtesy of Martin Kallesøe.

The "stairs" leading up from the base of the hill to the park. Photo courtesy of Jens Munk Clemmensen.  

The completed park (the grass will grow in soon I'm told).  Photo courtesy of Jens Munk Clemmensen.

Some of the Streetmovement guys testing out the new park at its opening.  Photo courtesy of Jens Munk Clemmensen..

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