Thursday, March 24, 2011

Parkour working for Positive Social Change in the Middle East

THIS article recently came to my attention by some friends at Parkour Generations and I thought that it would be appropriate to spread it to a wider audience considering that it fits into my project perfectly- too bad I don’t have the time or money to fly to the Middle East.

The article, along with THIS video of parkour in Gaza that was featured on the New York Times video site a few months ago and received a lot of attention around the world, is just part of the increased media interest that parkour is getting in this region of the world.

While nothing concrete or especially groundbreaking has come out of it yet, it does pierce a depressingly dark and cloudy sky with a few small rays of hope.

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  1. BLAKE! Fynn is in the middle east right now! Talk to him. He has stories you wouldn't believe.