Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Parkour Heaven???

There has been a lot of attention in the parkour world recently focused on the opening of the new parkour training facility that has recently been completed in Denmark.  As is typical of the training environments designed by Street Movement, the BGI facility, which has both indoor AND outdoor areas, a number of large foam pits, trampolines, an open gymnastics/tricking space, tons of scaffolding, and all manner of concrete shapes, seems to be by far the best parkour facility around.  For a while the only glimpses of this amazing facility available to those outside of Denmark was this teaser video:

However, over the last few weeks the facility has seen an official opening and a number of events have already been hosted there including the "Generation Parkour" event held at the end of September.  Featuring presentations by Mikkel Rugaard, Mikkel Thisen, Martin Kallesøe, Stephane Vigroux, Laurent Piemontesi,  Dan Edwardes, Julie Angel, and Eugene Minogue, the conference also included a number of foreign visitors and "parkour academics".

Image courtesy of Street Movement.

Since its opening, the facility has been featured in a number of other videos.  Including a feature on a Danish television story (it's in Danish but the shots show a lot), and a show-reel by the one-man-invasion himself, Alex Pownall.

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