Friday, May 25, 2012

Final Shots from Thailand

Looking back through a lot of the photos from the trip the past few weeks I've been struck by the fact that no matter where we visited, it was the people that I was traveling with that made the experience so amazing.  The following pictures were from an afternoon spent training at a park near Anan's house in Bangkok that was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  Not only because it was a great spot, but because of the playful atmosphere and general "fun" that was had that day (aside from me making a goose-egg on one of my shins).

Bruno, Annty, and Leon sizing up a jump.  Photo courtesy of Violetta Beral.

Finding a new way to use some of the structures in "Anan's Park".  Photo courtesy of Violetta Beral.

Annty about to jump.  Photo courtesy of  Andy "Kiell" Day.

A great shot by Kiell capturing one of Anan's signature jumps.  Photo courtesy of  Andy "Kiell" Day.

Before moving on to the next adventures, I want to make sure to give a big shout-out to Andy and V for their photos of the trip.  Traveling with professional photographers was a pretty new experience for me, and I've found that it is much easier to include pictures in blog posts when they capture the context of the voyage better than I can in a few paragraphs. It also helps when the photographers that you are traveling with are awesome travel companions as well and well versed in bumming around foreign countries.

Photo courtesy of Annty Marais.

I would also like to give a big shout-out to Annty Marais (known in some circles as "the Annty Marais of Parkour Generations"). Not only did she put up with eating, training, rooming and traveling with me for 3 weeks, but she also managed to make almost an outing into an adventure and is a ton of fun to train and hang out with.  Although we may have differed on the amount of time per day that is is appropriate to take pictures of animals and bugs, her pictures have been really great at showing our day-to-day life and adventures and she has already proven to be much better at visually chronicling her around the world trip than I have been.  You can follow her adventures on the PkGen site.

Annty breaking a jump in one of the Bangkok parks.  Photo taken by me for once.

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