Thursday, March 8, 2012

Training in Boston & Trial Classes in December

Since I'd spent most of my time back in the USA thus far gallivanting around the country checking out the scenes in other cities I decided to spend some quality time with my family and check out places to train in Boston (more specifically, Somerville- my part of Boston).

Map of Somerville's in relation to the rest of Boston, courtesy of Google Maps.

I was pretty anxious to find some good places to train so spent most of my free time roaming around my city and the surrounding ones trying to find good places to train.  While I didn't find anything that resembled Elephant & Castle or UNC Chapel Hill, I did find a number of places that have a lot of potential within the Boston area, two of which are pictured below.

One of the cooler spots in the area, called the "Baby Pool" for some reason by some of the local traceurs.

Lots of potential at the Josiah Quincy School, but unfortunately it's off limits a lot of the week due to school being in session. 

Another view of the school's entrance, a perfect place to train on the weekends.

Since I’d had a number of people express interest in having me lead parkour classes for their kids I held a few "unofficial" classes in a local park a few days per week throughout December.  Despite the cold weather and lack of advance notice, the classes went really well and the kids classes in particular quickly filled up to the point where I had to set a cap on the number of participants in order to keep things manageable.  While it seemed like I had to head out as soon as things felt like they were going smoothly, it was a great trial for what will hopefully be established on a more permanent basis in a few months (more details to come).

Warming up.

A bit of conditioning after playing around on the rails.

Stretching at Prospect Hill, the site where the first American flag was raised on January 1st, 1776.

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