Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rome - The tourist's perspective

Since I had a few days left in Rome before heading to the next destination I spent most of them wandering around trying to get a better feel for this amazing city… While no means representative of what I saw during my time in Rome (I'm pretty bad about taking pictures) here are a few shots from my wanderings.

The Pantheon 

Trevi fountain
Gotta love a city with bits of 1,000-year-old bridges hanging around.
By far the best view from a track I've ever seen.

The ruins behind the track.
I totally look like an American tourist....
.... but I fit right in.
Some say that the French are a bit grandiose, I'd say that the Italians top them...
No visit to Rome is complete without a shot of the Colosseum.
Or of yourself posing by the Colosseum. 

Beautiful scenery, delicious food, and an awesome host.  Not a bad "stopover".

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