Friday, July 15, 2011

The Kalenji Success lives on.... well kind of

For those of you who mourned the passing of the Kalenji Success a few years ago this might be of interest.  Decathlon UK will be releasing a new version of the shoe this fall (featuring slight improvements after input from experienced traceurs).  Hopefully the shoe will be the first item in a line of apparel and footwear designed with traceurs in mind.  While I was in London two weeks ago I got a chance to actually hold the only model of these currently in existence.  While the final product will be a bit different, you can get the idea from the video below.

The design for the final model is below (courtesy of Parkour UK):

Also, check out the message from Decathlon UK that came out recently (courtesy of PKUK and the PkGen website):

Hello Traceurs,
Decathlon UK in partnership with Parkour UK will be selling a new version of the shoe for the Parkour community. This product will be a first price shoe that will retail at approx £16.99. We have developed this shoe with the Success grip in mind but have improved the quality and durability the upper and to give traceurs more support when training. This product is an exclusive for Decathlon UK stores. We are hoping that this first product will be available for late 2011. The name of the product has not yet been confirmed as we are currently working on prototypes with Parkour UK.

We are working closely with Parkour UK, as the NGB, to bring a brand that will hopefully have products in the future specifically for Parkour. Decathlon UK values Parkour as a sport and we would like to invest in this in the future if this first project is successful. We have been overwhelmed by the response to the shoe and we ask for your patience as we want to be sure that the product, name and launch is a success.

The product will be available on the internet for the UK. We are also looking for a solution for international requests. If you have any queries please contact Decathlon UK or Parkour UK.

We will keep you fully informed as we progress towards the launch in late 2011.

Thank you

Decathlon UK

For more information on Parkour UK and the work that they are tirelessly doing on behalf of traceurs throughout the UK and around the world, (which often goes unnoticed), check them out here:


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  2. Do you know the exact day when do they come out?

  3. Last I heard it was pushed back to early 2012.