Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pics from Edinburgh

Some of the pictures that I took while in the city and while walking through the course. (please excuse the poor quality, I’ve just learned that despite what the guy said that sold it to me, the video camera I bought takes pictures at about .6 megapixels, good enough to look decent on the 2” viewing LCD, but not very good when you go any larger.)
View of the castle from below.

Another view of the castle, this time from the finish line of the race.

And another of the castle.... I guess I liked it.

Shot from the castle hill over the northern part of the city.

Arthur's Seat in the background, a lot more intimidating when looked at from below.

View up the Royal Mile at sunset.

A shot of the Observatory and surrounding monuments (the mix of architectural styles is a lot more distinctive with better photo quality)

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