Monday, June 28, 2010

Arrival in London

I arrived in London earlier today so I have now officially started my Watson year. At the moment I’m in the midst of getting settled at the hostel where I’ll be for the next two weeks. From my limited wanderings it looks like I’m about a 1 minute walk from Hyde Park in one direction, a minute from the Bayswater Tube station in a different direction, and about 30 seconds from a number of supermarkets/eateries (most important of course).

The past week in Paris/Evry went by in a blur of activity that was anything short of inspirational and it was definitely worth the lack of sleep and less-than-stellar nutrition. I took a lot of pictures throughout the week so expect to see a much longer and more detailed article in the next few days. At this point the jet lag/lack of good sleep is starting to catch up to me and I’m too concerned with getting something to eat and a decent night’s sleep to write much more than this.

Also, my new telephone number for the next few months will be: (+44) 07 587 267 530. Incoming phone calls and text messages are free for me and much appreciated.

More to come soon…


  1. Good luck, Blake! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures.

  2. What a fabulous project...looking forward to learning about your discoveries. This is an incredible opportunity -- enjoy every minute of it! :)